Hey man
I don't want to hear about love no more
I don't want to talk about how I feel
I don't really want to be me no more

Dress down now I look a little too
Boy next door
Maybe I should try to find a downtown whore
That'll make me look hardcore
I need you to tell me what to stand for

I've been looking for something
Something I've never seen
We're all looking for something
Something to be

Hey man
Play another one of those heartbreak songs
Tell another story how things go wrong
And they never get back
My pain is a platinum stack
Take that shit back
You don't want to be me when it all goes wrong
You don't want to see me with the houselights on
I'm a little too headstrong
Stand tall
I don't want to get walked on

I can't stand what I'm starting to be
I can't stand the people that I'm starting to need
There's so much now
That can go wrong
And I don't need somebody
Trying to help it along
It's the same old song
Everybody says you've been away too long
Everybody want to take you what went wrong
want to make you like an icon
Till you believe that they're right
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Something To Be Lyrics

Rob Thomas – Something To Be Lyrics

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