We are all trapped in prisons of the mind, it's a hard sensibility but we'll see it through in time But when words come between us, noiseless in the air, believe me, I know, it's so easy to despair - don't.
Tonight I'm talking to myself - there's no one that I know as well, thoughts collide without a sound, frantic, fighting to be found.
And I've found things in this life that still are real
A remainder refusing to be concealed.
And I've found the answer lies in a real emotion
Not the self-indulgence of a self-devotion.
Too many situations left with too little to say, so we try, we try to feel our way, and if decisions cause divisions, tell meh who's to blame? Pick a target for convenience when there are other ways.
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Remainder Lyrics

Rites Of Spring – Remainder Lyrics