I - I believed - memory might mirror no reflections on me.
I - I believe - that in forgetting I might set myself
But I woke up this morning with a piece of past caught
in my throat - And then I choked.
I - I bled - I tried to hide the heart from the head.
I - I bled - in the arms of a girl I'd barely met.
And I woke up this morning with the present in splinters
on the ground - And then I drowned.
(And if I can't see its for want of....)
You - You said, "I see", if there's nothing here than
it probably mine -
My - My turn to see if there's nothing here it will
always be mine.
I - I've learned the taste of days that will always
I - I've learned if its in the corner of my eye I
can't walways turn.
(And if I don't see it's for want of.....)
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For Want Of Lyrics

Rites Of Spring – For Want Of Lyrics