You dial the lucky number when you're feeling uptight,
When you're bored on a Sunday, and every Friday night
You dial the lucky number 'cause life is such a fight
They're gonna bring it over and make it all seem alright
You've got a lucky number,
For every time you need something to numb ya
You get that nagging hunger,
That's when you dial your lucky number


You dial the lucky number,
You want that basement kiss
When you were two years younger,
You wouldn't have dreamt of this
You're getting pins and needles,
They've got you on the boil
All wrapped up in the glamor of aluminum foil

[Chorus x2]

Go to sleep, all your dreams are sweet,
Keep the world at bay 'til you wake up in the morning...

[Chorus x2]
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Lucky Number Lyrics

Rialto – Lucky Number Lyrics

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