Well I was doin alright
Keepin you off my mind
Goin one three days in a row
But pullin out of work
I heard brown eyed girl
Playin on my radio
And for a moment
You were sittin there
Right by my side
How I wonder what your doin tonight

My friends and I went out
To a bar downtown
To shoot some pool and listen to the band
I even caught a friendly smile
Lord it'd been a long while
So I got up the nerve to ask her to dance
And when I put my arms around her
It just didn't feel right
I stood there wonerin what your doin tonight

(C) Are you laughin out loud
Are you dancin around
So happy with your new life
Or do you miss what we had
Do you ever look back
Do I even cross your mind
Gurl I wonder what ur doin tonight

Driftin off to sleep
I pray the Lord to keep
My angel safe wherever you are
And even though your gone
Its never for long
Cus your memory lives right here in my heart
And even though in time I know i'll be alright
I can't help wonderin what your doin tonight

(Repeat C)
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I Wonder What You're Doin' Tonight Lyrics

Rhett Akins – I Wonder What You're Doin' Tonight Lyrics

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