"Hey there, pretty little girl, with your long brown sexy curls.
Your a hottie, body tight, good God almighty"
"Aight son, hold up, you need to slow your roll.
You been talking for a while now, she ain't no hoe.
She got class, style, pizzazz, and jazz, each smile, as matter of fact,
She has me twisted, just like she did back then,
When the game of gab could be played among friends.
That's all it was about and now to represent,
We talked last night around 10 and I told her, Yo

Listen up, cause I love you lady.
We go back, like 1980.
Lord knows you're the one to change me.
You love me cause I'm so crazy.
You'll see it'll be you and me always, always.

I told her, "Look,
I know a lot of folks around town probably been telling you that
Damn, he just a crook."
I definitely done some things that I shouldn't be proud of,
But we can do it by the book.
We've know each other a long time.
I know you're the strong woman with a strong mind,
And that's what got me hooked.
I got some crazy homies?
What you talking bout, you got some crazy homies!
Quit fronting and lolly gagging.
We can have a baby daughter,
Maybe call her Maggie.
We've known each other since the 9th grade.
We make each other laugh, best friends,
Let's do this the right way."

[Chorus: x2]

I know I'm still crazy but I've changed a lot.
And I've cleaned up a little, and you're still hot.
But if I ain't the one, I hope you find true love.
And if not, I'm here when push comes to shove.
Just know if you walk down that aisle with another dude to take those vows,
How I'll react there's no telling,
Might bust in the back of the church and start yelling.


Always always. [Repeats]
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1980 Lyrics

Rehab – 1980 Lyrics