[Chorus x2]
This town is my home,it,s deep in my soul
That's why I'm at home, even when im on the road

Grew up in the backdrop,of a small town
Nissan truck, dropped down
Volkswagen Rabbit, with the top down
Sittin' on BBS's, how that sound
Yeah, y'all remember that don't ya
Don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't ya
That's where I come from, out the county
No distance or tour bus can take me
To make me forget gettin' my ass whipped
In the parking lot of Mafio's
Skippin' church the first time I heard Planet Rock come out a boombox
That may be the day God saved my soul
So, I take a little bit of everything I ever learned with me anywhere on this globe I go
No body can take that, think back
Linda Mae gave me the name
Now Daddy Boone in your radio
Even those who never thought id change I did
The world out there took a naive kid
Scarred his heart and beat him down
And this songs beat comin' back around
From out the town where (?) is

[Chorus x2]

Northside High School makin' beats on the top of my desk
Whenever the teacher left the room
Three years of ridin' the bench on the play
More than the last thirteen seconds of the game, gonna get a name
Hangin' with the hood that loves my girlfriend
Ended up doin' everyone of em
None of them ever thought I knew what to do
When it's cool 'cause I used to do your boo too
Stealin' cigarettes and malt liquor
Back of the pep rally in the corner gettin' (sweater?)
Vowed that I would quit partyin', never
But now we got death and meth and nothin' left
But questions in our minds
Do you really think this town is ever really gonna change in our time
It's in the sky, a mile high
It's on your table, that black label
It's in your locker, that bottle of vodka
Sardines, and pork
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This Town Lyrics

Rehab – This Town Lyrics