What is this news you got to tell me
Girl, what has got you so excited
Why would you call me on my job
When I'm right in the middle of writing
See you've got this look up on your face
Spit it out girl I just cannot wait
To get whatever it is up out of you
So tell me girl, what it do

I'll give you a hint
It crawls 'fore it walks
In a couple of years
It begins to talk
And it makes us so happy
Girl are you telling me

I'm havin' a baby
(Oh, I am so happy)
I'm havin' a baby
(And I'm so glad to be that baby's daddy)
I'm havin' a baby
(A lil' girl, a lil' boy, a lil' you, a lil' me)
I'm havin' a baby

(Girl it doesn't matter as long as it's healthy)

While I can't believe I'm gonna be a father
In nine months a child will be born
Baby, your pregnant in April
Which means we're havin' a Capricorn
I'm so glad to be apart of this
'Cause girl a child is heaven sent
This is a blessing to me
To have you with my seed


(Girl it doesn't matter as long as it's healthy)

Girl you got me Staring at you from head to toe
When I look at you, it's like you've got this glow
So much respect I got for you
Girl since you told me what's good
Ever since you told me I love you more
Girl, what I feel is so spiritual
And baby our lives have been changed
Now I want you to have my last name


(Girl it doesn't matter, now here it is nine months later)

I'm havin' a baby
(Push) I want you to (push)
I need ya to (Push)
Come on baby (Push)
I'm havin' a baby
(Push) (Push) I'm right here (Push) hold my hand (Push)
I'm havin a baby
(Push) baby push, Breathe (Push) your almost there (Push)
I'm havin' a baby
(Push) I love ya (Push, push, push)
I'm havin' a baby
Girl I can see it (Push) it's like a dream (Push) a miracle (Push)
I'm havin' a baby
A child unto me (Push) a baby boy (Push) a Robert Jr. (Push) thank you God
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Havin' A Baby Lyrics

R. Kelly – Havin' A Baby Lyrics

Songwriters: KELLY, ROBERT S.
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