I'm just bein' real, you know
I'm like the sun, I'm tryin' to shine on everybody
You know what I'm sayin'
But it's like situation after situation, you know
So I write about it to get it off my chest, you heard
Dear mama, you wouldn't believe what I'm goin' through
But still I got my head up just like I promised you
Every since you left your baby, boy's been dealin'with
Problem after problem, tell me what am I supposed to do
See, I get lost sometimes, don't understand this place
Look in the mirror sometimes and see a troubled face
And then my tears roll down and hit the sink
Then I hold my head up high, I hope the Man upstairs can hear my cry
All these questions deep inside my mind
Like if Jesus loved me, why he leave my side, mama
I'm still tryin' to get the answer why
You were young, 45, and you had to die
I'm always tryin' to help people out
And it's them same people tryin' to take food out my mouth
(Fo' real tho') It seems like the more money I make
(Fo' real tho') The more drama y'all try to create
(Fo' real tho') And through I try to move into the positive
(Fo' real tho') The more y'all don't wanna let me live
When will you realize that I don't owe you nothin'
Need to get up off your butt and go get your own somethin'
I'm pullin' on my hair to keep from snappin' off
Fools ride up in my camp and be actin' off
Somebody out there please pray what I'm talkin' 'bout
Still young tryin' to figure it out
Heaven, I need a hug
Is there anybody out there willin' to embrace a thug
Feelin' like a change of heart
And all I really need is a sign or a word from God
So sh
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In The Name Of Love Lyrics

R. Kelly – In The Name Of Love Lyrics