I wish Hey when we met that day I was thinking that I wanted To know you Hey we had so much to say I was thinking I wantd to Go with you Oh i.. Never felt this Way before Oh i.. Never wanted Anyone more But some where there's a Lucky star Listening to my heart [Chorus:] I wish Everynight when I close my eyes I wish I was your and you could be mine I wish Mor than anything at the Top of my list And I hope that one day "i love you" you'll say That is What I wish what I wish Hey when I'm all alone I dream about you constantly Hey don't you know everyone knows I've fallen for you hopelessly Oh i.. Wonder how You'd react baby But if I kissed you would You kiss me back Somewhere there's a Luck star Listening to my heart [Chorus:] I believe if you wish Hard enough You never can tell I'd even throw a penny down Into a wishing into a Wishing into a wishng well © 2017