I've got the mood set
Half past midnight
Me and my soldiers are dancin' in the street lights
Set' em up, set' em up, Buck
I watch' em fall quick
Sound the alarms
I'm dropping bombs with this dope shit
What go around come around
That's what they all say
No time to blink, no time to think, no time to hesitate
You got no gun
It's best you run unless you got one
They bring pain like rain with a shotgun

Don't bring that shit to me
Don't bring that shit to me
Don't bring that shit to me
Don't bring that shit

Like a snake, I'm the most wanted viper
Busting on punks, like the neighborhood sniper
Right from wrong I just can't decipher
Strapped with a mack and an automatic rifle
The ten most wanted
I'm on top of the pile
Rainin' down on punks penitentiary style
No respect for life; no respect for the outcome
If ya want some, bitch, come get some


What's goin' on here?
Don't bring that shit to me
Violence, bring it to me covered in rage
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Violence Lyrics

Primer 55 – Violence Lyrics

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