Don't you tell me right from wrong
You're not the one
You're not my mother
You who never improvise
So systemized
Why even bother
Clear your head and free your mind
Loosen up the child inside
He who never lived
Everything I say or do
Is wrong to you
You always complain
Never asked for your advice
Your nine to five
Your mortal campaign
Take a look inside yourself
Free your mind and crack the shell
I am just another face in the crowd
Wasn't born with a silverspoon in my
But I believe in life itself
There's more to it than words can tell
I believe in what I am I'll always be
I believe in what I do is my destiny
Don't tell me how to live my life
Don't criticize
It's my decision
Who are you to save my soul
From rock'n roll
It's my religion

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He Who Never Lived Lyrics

Pretty Maids – He Who Never Lived Lyrics