The world is cynical
These are the times
Unlawful principels
And mindless crimes
Love is devoured
By the brotherhood of hate
Like Carniwoures
In a cannibel state
And we all wan't something for nothing
Rarely we give in return
From cradle to coffin
Never a lesson is learned
Bless me with the hope of a child
Give me back my innocense
Who's gonna change our world
Give of a hero
Who's gonna change our world
Give of a hero
Weel at the end of the day
Would it slave us anyway
The war is over
Nobody's won
There's no solution
Down the barrel of a gun
History repeat itself
Recycled news
You hit me once
I hit you twice
It ain't no use
And it lies in our nature
Running from father to see
An endless crusade
The spiral of violence goes on
Tell me will the sunrise again
Will we ever be as one
You can't give hope when there's none
You can't give love when it's gone
Kill or be killed
Blood being spilled
And so the world rages on

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Who's Gonna Change Lyrics

Pretty Maids – Who's Gonna Change Lyrics