Have you ever been on a rollercoaster ride
(I'll take you, girl I'll take you)
'Cause see my love will take you up and down and side to side
(I'll take ya sho'nuff lace ya)
And have you ever been alone
And had to touch yourself (I'll make ya, girl I'll make ya)
Even when you thought we were though oh I
(I'll taste ya, taste ya)

I can see you and me openly
We're on my mind all the time
Together, yeah

Baby you know I came to please so tell me
(Your pleasure what's your pleasure)
And I love it when you put on your sexy lingerie
So I can see ya (that body, work that body)
An in a crowded room oh you never
Shy away my sugar (my sugar)
(Where's my sugar)
They say soon I'll get tired of you
But how could I
(I'll never, never, never) I can see


In the midnight hour when we lay in bed
(Don't I make it feel so good to you, 'sho nuff good to ya)
I can't help but to be satisfied
(Ya full of the good lovin')
(sho'nuff good lovin) I can hardly wait
(I'm not gonna to wait until my last chance)
I can't wait baby (I love ya, love ya)

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Together Lyrics

Playa – Together Lyrics

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