Well I'm the type of guy that likes to ball
With girl and a couple of friends
In a den have a drink or two
And girl I'm all in for the night
'Cause see tonight
I'mma need it more than twice
Maybe three a do for me
You see and we can go

All the way
Starting today
I'm on my way
'Round your way
I got blaze
And your bottle of ze'
Somebody say hey hey
(hey hey hey hey)

Now I'm so glad that we set aside a day
A special day for us
Just to chill and barbecue
And discuss the feelings we have
I know you have cause I can see
Baby you ain't foolin' me
Not today or any day I say
And we can go


Oh, I, Oh, I, Oh, I
(Girl I'm feeling you)
Oh, I, Oh, I, Oh, I
(I think I can deal with you)
Oh, I, Oh, I, Oh, I
(I'm really feeling you)
Oh, I, Oh, I, Oh, I
(I'mma be real with you)

[Chorus: x2]
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All The Way Lyrics

Playa – All The Way Lyrics

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