There's fire on the mountain, there's fire 'cross the land
The Incubus has risen, from your soul he will command
The burning seed inside him he will impart to you
A virus in your body, corruption in your womb

Ohhhh... The Devil's Child
Ohhhh... A Jackal is born
Ohhhh... The Devil's Child
Ohhhh... The Jackal is born

Nine months of torment, a parasite unleashed
Devouring it's mother, a sacrificial feast
Ripping through your body like a bullet from a gun
The incubus is hungry, his lust hot as the sun


The cycle is unending, the spawn infests the earth
The jackals go on raping, concummating evil births
An orgy laced with terror and never ending lust
The incubus has risen, your life will turn to dust


Women beware, beware, beware
Of the Incubus
Whoah-oh the Incubus
I am the Incubus
I am the Incubus

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The Incubus Lyrics

Piledriver – The Incubus Lyrics