Chopping, always chopping
Slashing, hanging, spiking
Quick electrofrying...
The executioner is Death's right hand
By fire by blade by bullet, the end is all the same...
A body blue unbreathing, a mutilated brain...

There in the hour of darkness
When the world is bathed in fear
A shadow of Doom approaches
You know your death is near
A chill wind blows down you spine
It's the scram, it's the spark, it's the knife
It's terror that stops your breathing,
Paralyzing your mind with fright

An attack from the rear
You're frozen with fear
The end is near
The executioner's here
The executioner's here

There in the hour of darkness
When the world is bathed in Death
A shadow of Doom approaches
Blowing icy, deadly breath
Like a vision beyond the tomb
Twisted nerves and bloody wombs
It's the shadow that's all consuming
An introduction to your Doom...


[Bridge (spoken)]
I take my axe... I plunge the blade
I shoot the bullet... And I dig your grave
I shock your body and I feast of your blood
Your world will end in darkness
As you rot in ooze and mud... So...
Breathe your last breath,
Watch your life flash past
The hour of Doom approaches
And it's your time to die... To die... To die...

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The Executioner Lyrics

Piledriver – The Executioner Lyrics