Words by Phat Chance, Jason Burkum & Tony Palacios
Music by Phat Chance & Scotty Wilbanks

We like to think of this song as our pop-rock version of "This Little Light Of Mine." It's amazing what one flicker of light from one candle can do to a dark room. It's even more amazing what one shining example can do in this crooked and depraved world we live in. Matt. 5: 14-16, Phil. 2: 14-16

Can you feel it? This world of darkness,
You know it's all around.
It tries to break you and suffocate you.
You know it drags you down.

We got a light, we're gonna shine it tonight.
So if you're with us, raise your hands up singing,
"Lord, I know I need Your light inside of me,
For all the world to see. "

I need sunshine for rainy days,
Daylight for darker days.
Let your love shine down on me.
Let your love shine down upon me.

It's just a flicker, this little light of mine,
But the darkness never extinguishes,
The light that Jesus shines.
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Sunshine Daylight Lyrics

Phat Chance – Sunshine Daylight Lyrics

Songwriters: LIONEL BART
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