Words by Phat Chance, Jason Burkum & Tony Palacios
Music by Phat Chance

We are constantly amazed that God never ceases to love us, even after we fall. We can't begin to comprehend his undying (or should we say "dying") love. He's always there to catch us when we stumble. Psalm 18: 1-3; 36: 5, 7; 37: 23-25

There I go again,
You caught me tripping over my two feet.
But You say, "That's OK,"
You pick me up and let me try it all over again.

And You catch me in Your loving arms,
And You forgive me when I ask You,
It's just the way You are.

I don't understand,
I just can't comprehend,
How you could love somebody like me.
But I know it's true,
You're always coming through,
Lord, I feel the love you send me.
And I knew right from the start,
I had to get you in my heart.
And when I surrendered I could finally see,
That you could love somebody like me.

How do You do it?
How'd You change my life and make it something so sweet?
'Cause everything else I tried just left me wanting,
But You are my everything.
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Love Somebody Like Me Lyrics

Phat Chance – Love Somebody Like Me Lyrics