In the night sky we feel so at home
Home with the stars and the space we call it our own
A million look up at the sky and feel all alone
T'il a shooting star flies as if to say "you're not alone"
No, we're not alone

And I don't know about you but I could sit here all night
The troubles in my day are all out of my mind

The mysteries of the Milky Way, the worries of an endless pain
The news has something new to say bout a war we're fighting
Everyday - Oh no that's not right... But tonight it's all
Outta sight

With a blind eye we'll never get home
Stuck in the dark with lost souls we'll go
So get out while you can cause you can on your own
When a shooting star flies in your eyes that's when you'll know
That we're not alone

And I don't even know you, but you're human alright
The troubles of our day - they stay in my mind

Tragedies of planet fate, the death destruction and the hate
The rising of our hunger rate, the mysteries of the Milky Way,
The worries of an endless pain, the news has something new to say
About a war we're fighting, Everyday! Nothing seems right!
In the night sky
In the night sky - it used to be home
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Night Sky Lyrics

Peirson Ross – Night Sky Lyrics