Letter by the bedside left you wondering on your way down the Highland Road

Knowing where you're going but who knew what you'd see there?

Diamonds on the dark waves,
My clothes upon the shore, I'm swimming with the moon.
And you're calling my name as it flows, and grows and goes
All across the water.

I hear a blue, blue love song
I'm feeling you, you & my butterflies

Head wind from the Georgian left you pondering
On your way up the French towards the Bay
Then a distance came between us
But who knew what we'd see there?

Gray stones under light waves
Our home's upon the shore I'm flying with the loon
And you're calling my name
And it flows, and grows and goes all across the water.

I don't see an end in sight to these butterflies
That flutter through the night I can't close my eyes
There's nothing anyone can say to make everything alright
I just need to go back inside my mind and now I'm going back inside

Now we're going back inside... my mind

I hear a blue love song
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Butterflies Lyrics

Peirson Ross – Butterflies Lyrics