See it's an endless illusion
We talk about the things we haven't seen
You see it's like a scary little vision
Some people never know just where they've been
And there are kids with everything in life
Who can; t find a reason to live
So can you tell me what it's like to be
Another soul who just can't give

Give me a reason to live

Well there are too many possibilities
For taking all our fun away
When taking your heroes all have fallen down
And your friends have all betrayed
When your mind is so contorted
And you feel like you're made of clay
There's only one thing I can tell you now
The reason I should stay

Give me a reason to live

There's no reason for feeling
I got to live and I'm dealing
With no feelings, I'm breathing
Give me a reason to live

I need a reason for livin'
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Reason To Live Lyrics

Nokturnl – Reason To Live Lyrics