Where you goin', why you leavin'
I gotta get away, I got my reasons
I had to hide away and take my feelin's
So when I die inside, you'll never see it

And I'm havin' trouble with the things in my way
Coz they seem to be bigger than just yesterday
And my skin is so thick that I can't get out and no
Nobody cares what I'm talking about

I don't want you to know
Because I'm the only one who needs to
I don; t care what you know
I only care about myself who needs you
Why should I feel or show
It's the only way that I can face the day
You should leave me alone
And I'll deal with it in my own way

How am I doin', with my problems
I'll pretend they're gone and it solves them
I got a hundred more and it's growin'
I got a name for each one coz I know them

And I'm havin' trouble with the things that you say
Coz they seem to be stupider than yesterday
And on the inside I scream and I shout, 'No'
Nobody cares what I'm thinking about
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Prism Lyrics

Nokturnl – Prism Lyrics