Abate the ones who hesitate to stand their ground
Rally when the sky is falling, catch the clouds
Together ants can overcome and kill the ox
The only key is knowing how to break the locks

I hate to say when blue skies are turning gray
Ante-up, son, it's time to get paid

Raise a fist or get the fuck out the way
Fuck the fake ones!
Break the long arm, stand up and say
Fuck the police!
Sound the drums, there's no time to play
Fuck the tyrants!
Seize the time, turn night into day
War saves no one
Fuck the you. S. A.!

I know this plant will keep growing
You water it without even knowing
And everytime you choose to consume
Another arm on the poison vine blooms

Never praise the gods with human sacrifice
But if yer dogs are itchin' you can scratch the lice
Live free or die tryin' and reject the boss
Pay the toll or burn the bridge and swim across
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Wilkes-Booth Style Lyrics

No Cash – Wilkes-Booth Style Lyrics