Sadness is all i've ever known, inside my retched body it's grown
It has eaten me away, to the waste of space i am today
There's nothing left inside, there's nothing there for me to hide
There's no feelings and there's no thoughts, my body's left here to ROT
It has been this way, since my fucking walking day
To this fucking land of waste, we're worked, erased, and then replaced

Boredom has taken over my brain, chilled the blood inside my veins
Left me in this place insane, all in sickness and in pain
Everyday we gotta rot away in school, i'm feelin like a fuckin fool
I HATE EVERYONE, they all hate me in return
People bitchin' off my ear, i can no longer fuckin' hear
Nothin' ever goes my way, and it's never gonna change
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Life Sucks Lyrics

No Cash – Life Sucks Lyrics