My mind has a conscious in black
Feeling overwhelmed is a feeling I lack
Staring out at night to a blacken sky
Every little thing is in my eye

You can look but you will not find me
All my ends I've left out behind me
I breathe nothing but black smoke
Your attempts to find me is a fucking joke

I was trapped like a renegade then I found a saw blade
My escape has been made my sanity beginning to fade
When I live my life by one blade
I've joined the criminal mind
You all should have seen the signs
This is my blood thirsty curse
My condition just keeps getting worse

God can you help us?
Oh my god
God can you help us! ?

This is everything I never wanted to be
This is everything looks like it's just you and me
In a strange way
I feel so fucking free
In a strange way I feel so fucking free
I feel so fucking free
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Saw Blade Lyrics

Monsters – Saw Blade Lyrics