Shape shifted and covered in dark
This young boy keeps looking at me

With the hair on the back of my neck raised
My thumbs penetrated the pupils of a child
As blood raced down his face
His gentle smile made my thumbs push harder

He is the spider I am the fly
Open fire as the bullets pass by my head
My world's in slow motion
This is do or die

I pin him on the ground, I sink my teeth to his fucking forehead
All I wanna do is kill

All I want to do is kill

Did you ever wonder what you could be?
My urge to kill is no surprise to me
And now my heart seems to be pounding
I can't run from all these memories

It's always been my will to kill
And now you mother fuckers recognize my skill

They should have left me for dead
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My Urge To Kill Lyrics

Monsters – My Urge To Kill Lyrics