This is ambition: as ugly as it gets. Uncommon kids and their fight
Against an early death by common sense. This is motivation: free of
Contempt. Our generation has come of age... And left us here with
Bitterness. So when you're feeling jagged and you think you've gone
Fucking mad: Salt your wounds. Feel the sting of the things you never
Had, the things you always wanted, and the things they said you would
Never be. Focus on the pain and find the strength to make your own
Reality. Please understand... You only live your life but once. So
Don't hold back and don't live it in a rut. For far too long we've
Heard "life's not like that" from timid souls: longing and filled with
Regret. But why should we take advice from the
Boring-working-brain-dead? We're forward thinking youth and we can use
Our own heads. Self Preservation!
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Self Preservation Lyrics

Modern Life Is War – Self Preservation Lyrics