Force fed from the outside.
We live a crowded life it seems.
Fragile minds in a fast paced world.
Can't compute the images coming through the screens.

Can't seem to bridge the gap between
AM reality and late night schemes.
Can't seem to focus as the glitter fades to green.
We've lost control.

Stained glass from the outside.
We suffer from a lack of clarity.
Impatience in the information age has taken it's toll on me.
Sharp minds dulled down to nothing and filled with fantasy.

Exhausted options: set me free.
Walking backwards. shedding skin.
I try to block it out.
They keep trying to get in.

We've lost control.
Confusion and identity crisis deep in the heart of my America.
Another generation has been bought and sold.
We've lost control.
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Clarity Lyrics

Modern Life Is War – Clarity Lyrics