Let's get it!
I kno you like
Wondering now right
What the hell is this right?
I guess you bout to see now.

[Chorus:Repeat x3]
Move if you wanna, if you wanna, if you wanna move

I don't understand how I can have so many haters
Knowing I'm their father like my name is Darth Vader
I can get you hemmed up while I'm being tailored
Then I slide off to the side like a faker
Homey I'm the president, governor, and mayor
I control everything like a dictator
Get yo fans marked up
Turn em into vapor
If you got a problem get you swallowed like a chaser
Model on my arm no homey I don't have to pay her
All I have to do is tell her where I want to take her
Catch us out in Italy
Then we in Jamaica
Caught up in the ratcher
Like ya need a baker
When I roll up on you niggas like a skater
Move if you wanna when you see that red laser
No matter how you move bet that infra red will chase ya
Then I keep it moving
Homey see you later


I'm trying to keep it cool
If you wanna you can move
Trying to have a lil fun maybe move a couple numbers
But when you moving numbers all the haters start to wonder
Then they talk behind yo back and they breath they speaking under
Man I'm hot like the sun in the middle of the summer
Strike down in a flash nigga you can call me thunder
Chicks call me Phil Drummond cause I give em different strokes
Ba-ba-ba-ba beat it up like a drummer
They can call it one hit wonder but I guess that means I'm one of
Light a match
Play with fire
That just means you goin' get burned up
In the river where you turn up
But they can see I'm on the come up
But it's our turn now
If you want it take it from us
I don't need no goons by me
If you want it come an try me
We can do dis broad day in the middle of the lobby
Niggas say that they the shit
When they barely just the potty
When they problems turn to probably and they probably turn to sorry
Tell 'em


Ba-ba-ba-ba beat it like a drummer
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Move (If You Wanna) Lyrics

Mims – Move (If You Wanna) Lyrics

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