You could be my hustla
I could be your fiend
Girl you make me lean like a cup of codeine
Give me that good shit when I call you
Baby cause I just can't face withdrawals
Be my hustla, hustla, hustla,
Shawty won't you be my hustla, hustla, hustla

MIMS! look here

I said,
Shorty she know the game
She said she love the chase
Im trying hard to bag her, but she love the wait
Never half, she rather give in wholes
Please part'on my French, but she give me good blow
In return I give her dough
When she see me give n go
Other dealers give me out,
But for me she gives me mo'
Cause its never stepped or cut up or chopped down
But to get it is a risk,
I can't get locked down
Since the hit so good, I'm left fieding for a fix
Heard she got some new shit
So I gotta move quick
She's like,
You're dealing with a mind of a hustla
I'm like,
Fine I'm your #1 customer


Let's go!

I love the way she flips it
She loves to cook it up
No need to look around town, her shit is good enough
She takes me to, places I've never been
She is my heroine, get me high like heroin, love
Forgive me for my sins
I just keep giving in
To what I call fatal love
Caught up by the way of drugs
Some don't get it
It's so addictive
This relationship, so vindictive
First I love it, then I hate it when it's gone
Can't settle for no dirt
I need it in its purest form
To perform
I'm searching for my hustla,
And in return
Shawty I can be your customer


I can't let this addiction get the best of me (oh noo)
Physically, she's taking me to ecstasy
My highest point is taking away every breath
To the point of no return
Til' there ain't nothing left
What's next? 12 steps
Since the bond we had
Provide me with the proof that I belong in rehab
Cold sweats
Night and day
I just can't relax
Breath in, breath out

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Be My Hustla Lyrics

Mims – Be My Hustla Lyrics


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