What you need boy.. I got
Nobody can get no better
Good lovin' from A to Z
But I'm tired of all your ways
You treat me like I don't matter
Why you still lookin' when you got me

One on one's what I want
Here and now is where it stops
This kinda woman ain't into three
Take some time just for me
Show me what I really need
Don't give a promise that you can't keep

Working overtime
For all that loving that should be mine
You got me working overtime
Time to shape up or walk out my life
Working overtime, working overtime,
Working overtime

I'm indispensable
Not just another fool
I need somebody to treat me right
Baby be sensible
Start playing by the rules
I ain't believing those alibis

Two A. M. 's here again
You tell me you were with a friend
I got this feelin' something ain't right
I can't take this no more
Respect me or walk out the door
I need the truth to move on with my life


Baby we've come so far
Don't go out like this
There's so much more for us
It's time to be movin' on
Cause we're not so young
Let's just love each other

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Working Overtime Lyrics

Michelle Gayle – Working Overtime Lyrics