Call yourself a mack
You better take it back
Cause you really lack
Hard-core love attack
It was just to please
When you heard me scream
In your time of need
Baby can't you see

I was faking it babe
When we was sexing it babe
I was faking it baby
When we were making it babe

Got no job, no loot
No ambition to boot
Have you heard the news
No working in my bedroom

You got sex appeal
But you're looks ain't real
You seem to think you've got it made
But I'm gonna rain on your parade



Think you got sex appeal
Well, there's no whip appeal
You can ask babyface
I won't wait seven days
Got no money or time
For some poor bump n' grind
While you were faking the mack
I was faking it
Faking it

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Fakin' It Lyrics

Michelle Gayle – Fakin' It Lyrics