So many times I let you down
When you needed me I was not around
You've forgiven me time and time again
You believed that you could change me.

Although I've been around the best
Darling I must confess
No one compares to you

This time around, no more tears
This time around I swear
That together we'll be better than before.

This time around no more tears
This time around I'll make it clear
I'll love you more and more

You gave me all a girl could give
You saved me, of this I'm positive.
It took a little while 'til I could see.
There could be no one else for me.

Although all over the world I've been
Of all the girls I've seen
No one compares to you.

[Repeat Chorus]
You always believed I'd be the Man of all your dreams
This time around girl, you can count on me
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This Time Around Lyrics

Michael Fredo – This Time Around Lyrics

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