You always gave the very best of you
Love so unconditional
I've always been anything but true
But when you said you just can't stay
You can't take another day
'Cause it's slowly tearing up your heart

Baby, now I know if I ever let you go
Comes a point where it just makes no sense
That's where we are now
Though love is there, the pain is too intense
You can't pretend

Girl I apologize, baby look into my eyes
You'll know that what I say is true
I swear this time around I will never let you down
My heart and soul is only for you

Candy, baby, give me one more chance to make it right
Can I still be the only man you want inside your life
Candy, I'm beggin', won't you please let me make it right

Every alibi nothing but a lie

Girl you cried, really tried to make it work
Still I know I could mend your heart for good
Give me a chance to make it right
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Candy (Make It Right) Lyrics

Michael Fredo – Candy (Make It Right) Lyrics