Was that just a dream I had
A thought in my mind
Oh baby, I'd have to say that it feels
That way most of the time
'Cause I look around me now
And this is what's real
I live in a world that is bound
And circled by cold hard steel

But I remember lying under
That old magnolia
And the sound of summer rain
With the song of the south
Rolling around in my brain
And kisses sweeter than sugarcane
Sweeter than sugarcane

Sometimes in the dead of night
When I'm trying to sleep
With the sound of the trucks
And the horns drifting up
From down the street
I find myself wondering
Where you are now
And when the dawn won't break
And you're lying awake
What you're thinking about

Sweeter than sugarcane
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Sweeter Than Sugarcane Lyrics

Melonie Cannon – Sweeter Than Sugarcane Lyrics

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