I feel you everywhere
Anywhere I go I see you there
Every time I turn around
I hear that old familiar sound
But you're not really there

Another lonely night
I'll reach out for you in the soft moonlight
As you come walking down the hall
But it isn't you at all
But I feel you everywhere

I see your face up in the clouds
I hear your voice calling loud
My name on the wind
It's never gonna end
'Cause more than every now and then
I feel you everywhere

I should let you go
All my friends they call and tell me so
That I should try my very best
To lay your memory to rest
But what do they know

Repeat chorus

I feel you everywhere

Is it ever gonna end
'Cause I get lonely now and then
And I feel you everywhere
I feel you everywhere
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I Feel You Everywhere Lyrics

Melonie Cannon – I Feel You Everywhere Lyrics

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