How will I supposed to live my life
When It seems that hope is gone
And nothing seems to be alright
How will I supposed to sleep at night
When everytime I close my eyes
I only dream you and I... So

How will I go say goodbye,
And read between the lines?
Wished I could held my head up
High above this broken life
And hate I have inside
Wished I could have just one more try...

How did you forget the things we've said?
When every now and then I think
This song will go and hit my head... So
How did you get thru the test of time?
How can you forget I'm here just waiting
For the moment you'll be mine...

Time and time again you say that
We can't just pretend
We will never ever be
But just the best of friends... Friends?
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Another Song Without You Lyrics

Maryzark – Another Song Without You Lyrics