[Musique: Daniel Mongrain]
[Paroles: François Mongrain & Daniel Mongrain]

[Lorsque le mal prend contrôle de l'esprit, la rage incontrolable fulmine au tréfond de l'Ostrogoth. Des émotions de vengeance peuvent surgir lorsque tout semble être tourné contre nous. Des choses inintentionnelles pourraient se produire...]

[Dm-] boiling blood in your head
You can feel your eyes become red
All against one, one against all
Rage, you can'T control your fall
Slobber of A gaping mouth
Stinks from the entrails of satan
Fang of the cannibal
Hand of the assassin

[Dm+Fm-] ostrogoth
[Dm-] I am an ostrogoth
- ostrogoth
- I kill like an ostrogoth

[Dm-] red blood has become venom
Which gives A devastation desire
[Dm+Fm-] alone in this war
[Dm-] you'll enter lucifer'S kingdom

[Lead: Daniel Mongrain]

[Dm+Fm-] ostrogoth
[Dm-] damned soldiers from the catacombs of hell
- ostrogoth
- feel inside the pain I give
- ostrogoth
- seeking human flesh to kill
- ostrogoth
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Ostrogoth Lyrics

Martyr – Ostrogoth Lyrics