[Musique: Daniel Mongrain (with the collaboration of François Mongrain)]
[Paroles: Daniel Mongrain, François Richard & François Mongrain]

[Tu t'empêches de voir la vérité. Tu te noieras dans ta certitude.]

[Dm-] evil seizes
Rain of sand
A torrent of images
Lost is the blind
Evil seizes
Rain of sand

In the eyes of
The bewitched

The mute turn deaf
The deaf turn blind
The blind turn to sand
Then the sand begins to rain

[Fm-] through my murky inner meanders
At the edge of A drastic transition
I'm trying to catch A glimpse
Through the fractured mirror of my reflection

Tired of dark complacency
Trying to live the day my night will end
Until A morrow that I don'T know
Until A dawn that I can'T conceive

[Dm-] blind folded behind reality
Blind toward what we don'T want to see
Blind, willing loss of sensitivity
But true blinds sometimes I envy

Only the pure soul
Can talk, hear and see
Free of his ancestors
And of it's reason

Separates two worlds in one
He who blames eternity

[Lead: Daniel Mongrain]
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The Blind's Reflection Lyrics

Martyr – The Blind's Reflection Lyrics