See I'm jealous of your clothes
Cause they touch you more than I do
It kills me sometimes to know
That your toes spend so much time with your shoes
And no I don't approve of your lipstick
Maybelline ain't tricking me and I see
How eager your panties be to get put on
So when you're gone I tease the ones you did not choose
I don't know 'bout you but I'm

Don't want anything to touch you there
I don't wanna share you with nothing
Not even the air you breathe
Hook your lungs up to me
Let me touch you there
Don't want nothing to touch you baby

And I often cuss out your bath water
For every moment you're gone
I almost lost my cool
When I heard you bought that thong (I heard you bought that thong)
Victoria Secret can't keep a secret too long
I know what they want so please don't
Be so naive to what your bra does when it's groping you
Cause they like to taste your nipples too
I don't know bout you but I'm


See I wash my hands before I touch you
So I don't have to share you with the germs
See my heart is so concerned (so concerned)
Oh So many things I have yet to learn about you baby
Girl I'm

Let me touch you there
Let me touch you there
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Stingy Lyrics

Lyfe Jennings – Stingy Lyrics

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