She's on the dance floor grindin'
Poppin' it and riding, her body got a mind of it's own
She bend over like shot gun, bullet in the chamber.
Baby girl is out of control
She going in like a scuba diver
Hot like a forest fire, sexy like you wouldn't believe
She say she wouldn't do me bad. I'm glad, I'm glad, I'm glad.
It would be my pleasure girl to sweat out your weave.

La la la la la la ok .
This is what it feels like in the spotlight.
La la baby
Bumpin' bodies all night
In the spotlight.

She's like a spaceship rockin'
Fellas stop talkin' when my baby enters the room
It's like somebody set a bomb off
Everybody's pointing they lied they ain't got nothing on you (you)
She move her body like a stripper
Make me wanna tip her (shawty go so damn hard)

She feeling a little tipsy one more shot of henny
And Ima' tare that booty to part

[Chorus: x2]

She say she into spooning, I say I'm into forking
I wanna kill dat ass, call me lyfe come forking
Her body's acting up I wanna make a movie
Straight to dvd too nasty for tv.
She said buy me a drink I bought the whole club
And fired everybody and now she fired up.
She said she wanna do it underneath the spotlight
I said is dat right (right)

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Spotlight Lyrics

Lyfe Jennings – Spotlight Lyrics