Laundry Girl, your eyes like apple trees, your voice like sprayed Febreeze
You had the cleanest dirty laundry that a Laundromat had ever seen

Laundry Girl, you said that I should read Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Oh my love, please tell me were you real or just a dream?

It was 4:03 in a world asleep except for me
Alone in the Laundromat, the air too hot to breathe
The Tide was getting low, my pockets were drained
My socks were soaked, my colors all stained
Cycles agitating on, God damn, I needed some change
You walked right through the door


Oh, Laundry Girl, I'm stuck between this crumpled five and a coin machine
Your quarters breathe like minutes to my soul

You loaned me coins to dry my socks, I walked you home at6:00
Your flip-flops flip-flopped, we made fun of Charlie Sheen
You said the Kids in the Hall was the best show of them all
I told you how wrong you were
You whirled around to make your case, to put me right back in my place
You held your laundry in your arms, it said I-mean-it on your face
And in my last clean shirt, I was completely off-guard
When Laundry Girl, you kissed me hard

Beneath that stormy morning sky, those corny joggers jogging by
We stood like statues in the street, the traffic backing up for miles
Your heart was permanent pressed to mine, the streets were clean, the socks were dry
I held you like I'd lost and found you, hitching hikers had their guide
Our lips were heavens opened up, you fit like coffee to my cup
Through galaxies of apple trees, you were my first clean love
And in my last clean shirt, I turned around and you were gone
Oh I never got to say goodbye, oh oh

Laundry Girl, darlin' don't ya see that I found my place in the galaxy
Oh my love, please tell me were you real or just a dream?
Will somebody please tell me was she real or just a dream?
Laundry Girl, I love you from my socks to my pocket-T
Just a dream to me – Laundry Girl
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Laundry Girl Lyrics

Ludo – Laundry Girl Lyrics