Drowning is much easier
Than treading water in these seas of emptiness
"I see you gasping for air"
That's how you know I'm reaching out
I've been choking on the lies
"they've had you screaming out... for quite some time"
I tried so hard.... It's so hard to say goodbye.

These promises I've broken...I'm leaving them behind
So take me back home!
"I'm watching and I'm waiting for you to see the light
Are you coming back home?"

I still see you
The shore it seems so far away
I'm tired now...I'll fall asleep
"But I would swim with you...if you'd just take my hand"

I'll settle for this restless ocean,
Storms and emptiness no hope...
A misery that fell in love me
"but I'm holding on"

These promises I've broken
I'm leaving them behind...so take me back home
"I'm watching and I'm waiting...for you to see the light
Are you coming back home?"

Well I held this in my hands...then it poured down just like rain
And I'll sing this song...of my pain!

We've heard it all before...this story unfolds...and I'm coming back home
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Take Me Home Lyrics

Love Takes Flight – Take Me Home Lyrics