Tonight is the night
They'll be coming through your windows
And your doors so lock them tight...
And keep a gun right by your side...

You'll have nowhere to run...and nowhere to hide
You can't just turn your back this time

It tears me tears me apart

You figure we could see with our eyes open...
Better than we could see with our eyes shut so tight...eyes shut so tight

And when you dream I hope you dream in color
So that you see the red parade
And when you dream...I hope you dream in color sunrise...Our darkest fears will subside when
These shadows turn to daylight
Or we'll see the damage that's been done...from the night before
When we closed our eyes

They're branding a knife with their stare....
They'll paralyze with blood shot eyes
Their bloodshot eyes

They're on a mission for the sound...the sound of a scream like...
One thousand knives
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Red Parade Lyrics

Love Takes Flight – Red Parade Lyrics