Big daddy, big daddy, where did you stay last night?
Hey baby, where did you stay last night?
I got rocks in my bed and my pillow ain’t sleeping just right

Say, I cried last night and I cried all the night before
Yes, I cried last night, all the night before
Come on home, baby, so I don’t have to cry no more

'Cause, I ain’t mad at you, pretty baby, I ain’t mad at you
No, I ain’t mad at you, tell me what you want poor me to do
I’ll steal, beg, borrow, do any ol’ thing for you

Yes, I love that man, he’s built up from the ground
Yeah, he’s long and tall, stacked up from the ground
I get so weak, whenever he comes to town

Got a man over here, got a man over there, but the man over here
Baba-re-bob, baba-re-bob

Hey baby, get your basket, let’s truck down to the woods
Baby, go get your basket, truck down to the woods
Say we may not pick no berries
But we both sure will come back feeling good

Say, I ain’t good looking, I ain’t built so fine
But all of us like me cause I take my time
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Where Did You Stay Last Night? Lyrics