She spends her day making her get away saying "sometimes I wish I could leave, there is nothing left here for me"
She's never happy anymore- she says there's nothing left to be happy for

I can see it in her eyes its tearing her apart inside she says "everything feels wrong when you're somewhere you don't belong"
She's never happy anymore- she won't be happy 'till she's walking out the door

Whoa- she says she wants to leave this town
Whoa- she says it only brings her down

She says this town is getting old, everybody's turning cold- an unfamiliar face in every corner of this place
She's never happy anymore- she says she's never felt this way before

We're more than just our circumstances, led by choices not by chances
We're not so helpless or alone, eventually you'll find what you call 'home'
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MIA In MA Lyrics

Leah Stargazing – MIA In MA Lyrics