This only works because we both know it will never work out
So we pretend that it's not the end and we talk about
All of the days when we'll be together, we lie to ourselves because anything's better
Than what we have right now because I don't have anything

And I know that you'll go on forget about me
And I'll try to get by but there's no gaurentee
On things like these- the things that bring us to our knees

Let's go back to the start to where it began
When you took my heart in the palm of your hand
But you took it away and now all that's left
Is this empty space in the heart of my chest

This only lasts because we both know it will never last long
So we keep alive all of the lies that we both know are wrong
But it's alright if it helps us fall asleep at night
But in the end we're both sleeping all alone again


And I know this is not enough, nothing is what we both dreamed of
When we dreamed and planned our lives out on the basement couch
It wasn't us

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Sometimes It Goes Through Her Lyrics

Leah Stargazing – Sometimes It Goes Through Her Lyrics