Best of all...all the things in this world
That's worth a look
You make it hard when I'm with you
Scary sights

Are the things that haven't happened
But just might
Don't think it over so quickly
Look around

I'm still here
Take your time
And not a year
Please make me shine

When you are near
You are the one
You underline
All the terror and the grace of my belief

I want to shake up your home life
Fearing that
All the specialness would fade with just a kiss
I think I have a solution

Take a walk
Hold my hand
Don't say a word
I'll understand

We'll change the world
Make no demands
You are the one
Have we lost sight

Of the sacrifice it takes to save a life
If it's ours then so be it
It's just my wish
That our world be that of reproductive bliss

It's just a thought, there's no pressure
Gomer Pyle
Is just a man
Who served his country

As best he can
I am the state
You are the flag
You are the one

But don't you know
This must be true
I can't do nothing
But think of you

There's the phone
And here's the number
You are the one.
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Theone Lyrics

Lambchop – Theone Lyrics

Songwriters: Garret Lee, Mark Daniel Prendergast, Stephen Joseph Garrigan, Vincent Thomas May
Theone lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., LUCKY GIRL MUSIC , Universal Music Publishing Group

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