When we were little kids
And weren't allowed to have bids
We lived in a little 70, 000 population town
Made some money by cutting grass
Got fired by a boy for kicking ass
All in a small town larne


We'll always be there
Acting like kids
Watching tv, things like that
Getting there
Who cares if we're like kids
Not us it's our life
The way we want it
Does it matter if we're like kids

Then we went on cool fm
They said they didn't like our trend
But we aren't so sure
We had a dog in our home
He ran away with his bone
About a million miles away

Repeat chorus twice

We ended up on the news
They said we always blew a fuse
We love to drink coke
We're neve ever gonna smoke

Repeat chorus twice
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Kids Lyrics

Kidz – Kids Lyrics